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Blood Elves in World of Warcraft

Blood elves (also known as belfs, belves) are the most played Horde race (for obvious reasons). They were added to the game with the Burning Crusade expansion in early 2007. The bloodelf is the hawkstrider,a mythical beast that resembles a colourful large chicken. Blood elves can play as a hunter, mage, warlock, rogue, priest, paladin, or death knight (blood elf warriors will be added with the Cataclysm expansion). The female blood elf dance is made of moves from various Britney Spears videos. mage, warlock, rogue, priest, paladin, death knight, or warrior. Most of the female blood elf armor (especially at earlier levels ) are skimpy.

Although most female blood elf characters in World of Warcraft are played by male characters, they are perceived as being played female characters, and are hit on, cybered with and given free things, including, but not limited to large amounts of gold. Many female blood elves are found cybering in the Deeprun Tram, a sort of underground train analogous to a Subway system. Another common place to find blood elves in urban areas is ontop of mailboxes or banks, dancing without clothes in order to get tips. Approximately 51% of blood elves in game are played by irl females, and 49% by males.

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History of Blood Elves

Blood Elves were once high elves. During the third war, Arthas's scorge attacked Quel'Thalas (the high elf home), and killed almost all of the elven population. Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, who had been in Dalaran at the time of this disaster, gathered the survivors and renamed them "blood elves" in honor of their fallen kin.

The Scourge had destroyed the Sunwell, a fountain of mystical power in Quel'Thalas. Without the Sunwell, the blood elves suffered from magic withdrawals, so they learned to siphon arcane magic from living sources. The Alliance mistrust blood elves because of their addiction, so the blood elves allied with the Horde in order to carry out revenge on the Scourge.

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What is Hot about Blood Elves?

Blood elves are thin and have athletic bodies and they are approximately human height. They are addicted to magic and are thought to do almost anything to fulfil their urges. Blood elves often dress in fiery crimson sexy clothes. Female blood elves are considered exceptionally beautiful and powerful, and some humans even onsider them physically perfect. Elves have sex to reproduce. Blood elves do not get stds and they occasionally have sex with humans. Blood elves share 99.8 per cent of their dna with humans.

Blood elves view sex as extremely special and intimate but are discouraged from fornicating with humans because it crosses social mores and reduces thier long lifespan. Many humans also frown upon interracial breeding, so it is often carried on in secret. Blood elf warlocks can summon succubi (the plural of succubus) and some choose to have sexual relations with these demonic creatures. However, succubi are extremely jealous and are prone to violent fits. Blood elves do not traditionally marry. Blood elves can silence others for two seconds every two minutes. Blood elves have clear, smooth, hairless skin that can range from pale to peachy to tan.

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Blood Elves call themselves sin'dorei ("children of the blood") in their native language, Thalassian. High elves and half elves also speak Thalassian, which is a derivative of the Darnassian language of night elves. Thalassian may also be referred to as "high elven", but not "elven" because there are three other elven dialects.

Some common Thalassian phrases and words are "al diel shala" (safe travels), "anar'alah" (by the light) , "anaria shola" (speak your business), "ann'da" (father), "anu belore dela'na" (the sun guides us), "bal'a dash, malanore" (greetings, traveler), "belore" (the sun), "doral an'diel" (how are you?), "Medivh" (keeper of secrets), "Quel'dorei" (high elves), "Quel'Thalas" (High Kingdom), "Selama ash'anore" (justice for our people), "shorel'aran" (farewell), and "Sinu'manore" (well met).

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Blood Elf Controversy

Blood elves are addicted to magic. Some draw parallels of this to hard drug use. Blood elves suffer from strong, painful withdrawals without magic and they spend their waking days struggling with this addiction. They hurt and kill creatures to draw magic from them.

Some humans consider blood elves to be thin and possess bad posture. Blood elves are frequently hit on or cybered with in game, even if they don't want to. Blood elves are sometimes captured and used as concubines.

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Blood Elf Appearance

Blood elves usually dress in black and red to remind themselves of their tragic losses during the Third War against the Scourge. They often tattoo or pain runes on the faces, shoulders, and arms to ward off evil demons, or to look intimidating or celebrate kills. Blood elves can live to be over three hundred years old. Blood elves' reliance on demon magic causes their eyes to glow bright green and their skin to become palerer. They have very long and thin ears and thick eyebrows.

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Male Blood Elves

Male blood elves are also tall and thin, and they have effeminate features. In fact, Blizzard Entertainment has patched male blood elves in game to make them appear more muscular. The leader of the blood elves, Prince Kael'Thas, is a male.

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